Spring has always been my favorite time of year.  The coldness of winter begins to melt away, and the snow gives way to the green grass (and tons of trash that people have hidden in it over the 6 months since it started).  The birds are chirping in the air, and getting it on quite heavily in the cedar tree right outside the back door to my house.  And it begins to get much more comfortable to walk outside, as opposed to having to drive everywhere, allowing for a much slower pace than seems to be required when getting everyone and everything into the car and filling the day with pointless errands.

Time is spent just exploring, and enjoying the world around us.  It seems that even the monotony of the work day becomes that much less drab knowing that I will get out of the house after I end the day and I will do something outside.

Spring is great.  I love it.

Why isn’t it here yet?


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