The Brand New Day

Last week I completed round 2 of rewrites and today begins the process of putting in the changes my wife had suggested.  It’s going swimmingly.  In fact, along with getting paid work done, a great deal of house cleaning, and writing completed for the week, I am already around 20% done with the simple changes my wife suggested.

That’s pretty fantastic, as all I need to do after that point, before starting the proposal process, is to put through the few polishing touches that I’ve come up with, and then, final readthru.

So, as has been the standard here so far, I’m pretty darn excited to finally be done with this project.  Obviously it’s still a long road ahead of trying to find an agent/publisher and making many many changes to the product to make it printable. . . but, at the very least I’d be done with this first part of the process, which I hope to have been the longest part of it all (being that it has taken the better part of a decade before finally getting things together).

And happy note, I’ve already come up with the next idea for working on during this crappy proposal process. . . so, of course, I’ll just go right back to being busy writing.  w00t!


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