So, I’ve never been the best at blogging.  Working on, a site in which I have regularly scheduled articles and need to come up with ideas and structured themes, and actually research what I write, has been draining.

I love it most days.  Other days (generally those days in which I’m way behind where I want to be and trying to catch up) I consider just dropping the whole thing.

And then there’s this site.  A site I’ve had for quite some time and not really known what to do with, which I’ve now decided to use to focus on my writing process and detail the events surrounding my book, now tentatively titled The Return of Buddy Hero.

So, that’s the plan.  Talk about my book.

I dug down deep today and impressed myself with some solid work on the rewrite process.  After talking about the manuscript with my wife, she helped me come up with some great additions/elaborations which I think if implemented properly will really enhance the book into a much more polished product.

In other words, I’m getting excited.  I know that the chances of anything happening with the book other than me printing it out and sending a million query letters to agents/publishers is pretty darn weak.  I know it’s even weaker for people to actually want to purchase the book, especially in the numbers required for the non-existent publisher to want to allow me to write the next book in the series.  But I’ve come to love this world I’ve created and watching these characters become much more living and breathing characters than they were in my head has been an amazing experience.

It’s tough, that’s for sure.  It’s difficult pouring yourself into any work of art, knowing that it’s possible that what you produce is crap.

But it’s been worth it so far.  And I can only imagine where things can go from here.


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