The Future of the Dead

Hey, you’ve still got through the weekend to pick up my zombie filled homage to fatherhood, Daddy of the Dead, for 99 cents!

And today, I’m going to talk about the future of the world and characters of Daddy of the Dead.

Now, this book (like many of mine, oddly enough) was originally intended to be a one off book.  Heck, it was actually intended to be a one off short story, just a few pages which would express a basic concept and that would be the end of it.   And as I’m prone to do…I got a little carried away.

Now, while I don’t have any actual current intentions to write any additional stories in the Daddy of the Dead saga, I have to admit that there are quite a few which have been percolating in my brain ever since I wrote the novella.

The obvious one is to explore what happens next with Bert, Zelda, and Guy.  These three characters are left, at the end, to be traveling north to see if they could find a place to wait out the storm (both actual storm and zombified one).  Their story felt like it was just beginning as they drove off into the sunset (you know…at 10:30 am or so).

But more than that, I wanted to explore some of the side characters we met along the way.  Like the guys in the truck who drive by blaring their music and flashing their lights.  It becomes quite obvious that they’re trying to draw the zombies after them…but why?  Well, I know…but in the situation I ever do decide to write that story, I feel like I should keep it a secret.

Or Charlie, the incredibly helpful gas station attendant who we last saw in the rearview mirror cuddling Stormy, the lovable little puppy.  When the zombies came, instead of running, Charlie decided to stand his ground, while also dedicating himself to helping people who are making their way through his little berg.

What about the kid we hear on the radio at the very onset of the story?

Or the guy who we see jumping out the hotel window just before Bert decides to try the same?

Or Peterson, the salesman that Bert really wanted to prank?

Or what about the people who were watching Zelda?

Or Zelda herself, while she watched everyone around her turn into zombies?

Or…most importantly…what about those zombies?

You see, I added some nuances to my zombies which aren’t part of the standard zombie lore.  I know, I know…I hate it when writers take the history of monsters and throw it out the window.  But there was a reason for that.  There’s a reason these zombies stare at the sun.  A reason why they glow red.  And a reason why we saw a horde of them barreling down the highway…

But…if I told you now, I’d have no reason to write the stories…and I’m kinda thinking I still may want to one day.

But for now, Daddy of the Dead tells its very important story.  The rest is all just placed there to make the world feel real.  To make it feel whole.  To show that there’s a heckuva lot going on during a zombie apocalypse than just a few intrepid survivors making their way to their next safehouse.

Have fun out there!

How Daddy of the Dead Came to Be

Hey, Daddy of the Dead is still just 99 cents on Amazon right now!  You should pick up a copy of my ode to fatherhood and zombies.  But for right now, I’m going to talk a little about the background of this little novella.

After finishing up The Legend of Buddy Hero and The Agora Files, I was looking for a little refresher.  I had spent the better part of four years on these two books and although I had big ideas on where those stories were going, I thought I just needed to cleanse the palate completed.

So, I decided to write a little short story based on a dream I had, a dream which actually plays out almost precisely as it did in my sleep as it does in the final pages of this story.

Of course, what should be quickly apparent if you’ve read Daddy of the Dead is that it is NOT a short story.  It’s quite a bit longer than that.

Because, unbeknownst to me, I actually had a lot of story to tell.  And most of it, obviously, came down to the concept of trying to express what it might be like to be a guy who isn’t necessarily all that strong-hearted or strong-willed, but will do anything to keep his children safe.

And then, it also happened that writing about zombies was a ton of fun.  There’s just something about the playground of an empty world, filled with mindless cannibals which allows the creative juices to flow heavily.

And what better way to show a dead world than to show the midwest in the middle of winter.  So often do we get to see zombies in the nicer weather (outside, I suppose, of Game of Thrones, but we’ll ignore the white walkers for now), but we don’t get to see them when it’s difficult enough to just survive outside.  What’s it’s like to run from the walking dead when running brings about the risk of slipping without merely falling over because it’s a trope of the horror genre?

Cars don’t start?  Well, again, that’s a fairly normal standard of winter in the midwest.

Also, I just had fun with playing with the area of the world I know best.

So, although this story was really all about my own feelings about fatherhood, written shortly after I was introduced to the world of being a father, it also allowed me to have some fun with the horror genre, which is one I hadn’t played with at all before this moment.

It also happens to be one I wholeheartedly expect to return to soon…but I’ll talk about that in my next post.


Make 2017 Great Sale: Week 3

Hey, it’s week three in my crazed sale of one book a week at 99 cents.  And this week we’re focused on a book which is incredibly dear to my heart, a book which broke me a little to write, a book which is so much me that I sometimes forget that it’s actually a book people can read.  Daddy of the Dead.

It’s not difficult to glean that this is a book which showcases my own fears and promises as a father.  As such, this book wasn’t as much inspired by anything as it was merely a need to express my love of my children and what lengths I would go to in order to keep them safe.

But…I had to throw in some zombies as well, of course 🙂

Anyway, this week I’m going to focus on the book I talk about the least.  And there’s an awful lot I’ve got to say about it.

Have fun out there!

The World of The Agora Files

On Wednesday I talked about how the concept of The Agora Files (which is still on sale for just 99 cents!) was based on the very simple premise of a dude running from something.

Obviously, as I began piecing the story together, I had to flesh some things out, like who the dude was and who he was running from.

Before long, I realized that another story concept I had long held, about a hapless individual finding himself the center of a revolution, would end up playing a big role in the actual story being told.

But that did very little toward actually developing what the tale would become.  It just gave me another small piece of the overall puzzle.  That this guy was running and it had something to do with overthrowing a government.

Of course, I had just recently read The Hunger Games at this point and realized that the genre of dystopian novels would be where this tale would end up fitting, not to mention that I still had the concept of this character being a Han Solo-type and what’s more dystopian than Star Wars, right?

But I wanted to base this story in a sense of truth.  Where my first book was focused solely on the fantasy of superheroics, I wanted this one to feel like it could really happen.  So I took a look at the country of today (well, technically the country of 5 years ago) and tried to see how it could become the evil empire of so many of these dystopian tales.

As you might imagine, it wasn’t too hard to visualize.  But I needed to determine a moment in America’s history where we could really pinpoint that shift in politics to being something a whole heckuva lot more oppressive than the one we actually have today.  Events like the September 11th attacks immediately came to mind, but then I thought about the bombings of August 6th and 9th, 1945 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

It is my opinion that there is no greater example of the United States flexing its muscles than those two days in history.

And had we not realized the devastating effects of the decisions that led to those two attacks, it would easily have been a terrible turning point in our nations history where our government realized nothing could stop it, not even the American people.

(Obviously, some debate could be had regarding whether or not this is what occurred, especially looking at how our country has run since that day)

So, I had my moment in which the country deviated from our timeline and the timeline of The Agora Files, but that just meant I had to fill in so many details.  Nearly seventy years of details, to be more precise.

And I did.  I went through and looked at how a government run by someone like Emperor Palpatine might take things from that moment, where he would use the system against itself until finally the system controlled everything.

And following that guideline, I found a rather interesting development.  I found that although this world may look a lot different than our own, that it might still not look all that incredibly much different.  That people might not even be aware of how they were being oppressed.  That so much of the country would have just become accustomed to the changes because of how they would occur on such a small scale, that without even considering it, they would find themselves inside this 1984-esque setting, and be completely cool with it because of the narrative they were fed which got them there.

I spent a great deal of time developing this history and the methods in which this history developed…but then there was a big issue that came into play.  This story was not one about exposition. It was about running.

Having this book be completely dedicated to the concept of high adrenaline adventure meant that my ability to get out this information in a way which wouldn’t slow down the story would be nearly impossible.

Which is why Cyrus (the protagonist, for those of you who haven’t read the book yet) was the perfect person to have sitting in the middle of all this.  He was uninvolved and disinterested.  But when he got stuck in the middle of things, he felt like he had the right to know certain pieces of the puzzle.

But he still didn’t care that much.

Which meant that The Agora Files was able to stick to a fairly high level detail on the subject of how the world got here, while still feeling very real and focused in our actual world.

Of course, this is also why one of the main comments coming back from readers after reading the first book is, “How the heck did things get this way?”

Because they want to know more.  And that makes me incredibly happy.  To know that this world feels real, but still feels wrong.  Still feels like it needs those answers to ensure our own world doesn’t wind up there.

Which is why The Agora Files – Part II is so much fun, because it gets to really dig into those details on a wholly different level, while throwing much of what you think you learn in Part I on its head.

And…spoiler alert…you can probably feel confident that Part III will do it to you all over again.

Have fun out there!

The History of The Agora Files

Hey, The Agora Files is on sale all this week for only 99 cents!  Pick up your copy right this very second. It’s perfect for those who wish they had the motivation to run for exercise, but would rather sit on the couch curled up under a blanket.

As promised, today I want to focus a bit on the history of The Agora Files.  Now, I’ve talked in the past about how it was inspired, in part, by a series of dreams I have had over the years, dreams, which, interestingly enough, stopped occurring shortly after I began writing the series.

But what I haven’t really discussed is how those dreams were actually inspired by a different story I had intended to tell.

Heading back to the golden year of 2007, I had just finished editing the ill-fated Jack and Jill film which I spent the majority of a year writing, filming, acting, editing, and crying over.  To be completely fair, it’s probably not quite as bad as I felt it was when completed, but the technical issues alone, caused by my lack of preparation for things like wind and light and all sorts of other problems with the massive on-location shoot this film was, means that there are a lot of things to look past to be able to see the fantastic on screen talent doing their very best at making my sub-par script sound amazing.

However, I didn’t want to allow my perceived failure to stop me, so I immediately jumped into working on a new project, using a couple characters from the film (and one of the other films I had developed) which was intended to be something of a comedy.  The basic premise is similar in some ways to The Hangover, I suppose.  Two hapless dummies end up under House Arrest due to a night they don’t remember because of an excess of drinking.

The idea would be that these two would slowly work to figure out what had happened, over a series of rather short webisodes, all within the confines of their house.

I actually got rather far in the development of this project, working with a frequent collaborator, we actually even shot most of the footage for the first episode…but it just didn’t seem to work.  And then life got in the way, meaning that the project fizzled.

But I couldn’t get this idea of that forgotten night out of my head.

And then one night I had a dream about these two happening upon a DeLorean, which led them off into a crazed adventure.

And that dream was the first of the series of dreams which would plague me until I finally began writing Agora Files (which was initially titled, simply, Run).

Those dreams mostly involved the pair running from some unknown evil throughout the most outrageous of locations.  Undersea laboratories, enormous greenhouses, and, well, just a ton of random places.

So, obviously I couldn’t get this very vague concept out of my head, and I began developing a film idea called Jack to the Future (one of these two idiots just happened to be named Jack), which would begin with the idea of them finding the DeLorean and took off in some pretty crazy ways from there.

But I just couldn’t come up with a way for me to actually film this.  And by this point, I was starting to feel rather broken down about my ability to even put together a film by myself.  Not to mention the sheer scale of this project.  So it was put on the back burner.

Around this time is when I actually began writing The Legend of Buddy Hero.  But the dreams kept coming the whole time I was writing it.

When I finished Buddy and was in the period between writing it and officially publishing it where I was feeling really down on myself, I determined I should try writing something completely different, something to get me away from that project which I had been working on for two years already.

So, while I was sitting in the shower one day, I was remembering the dream I had had that night involving the two running and I came up with the idea of putting together something which had very little background given to the reader at the start, simply that this guy was running.  I lost the entire Back to the Future plot (a lot of the ideas from that concept actually found their way into my later book The Long Chron) and began developing something which very quickly became what you know as The Agora Files today.

Simply put, a Han Solo-type kid runs away from some unknown evil.  I picked Han Solo as my template simply because I wanted this cocky figure in the center of it all who simply didn’t know what was going on, but followed through with his promises because somewhere within his seemingly selfish self, he really does want to do something real, something better, something stronger.

And the rest of the story fell into place rather easily.  I brought in the concept of The Geek from an earlier film I had produced, called Deadline, introduced a pseudo love interest who was really there to serve as a female who could show Cyrus he wasn’t as amazing as he thought he could be, and then got to Google Earth and scoped out a path for these characters to traverse the country.

A lot of the back story came together, then, as I was working on the rest of it.

And that’s how The Agora Files came to be.

Next I’ll talk about the world of The Agora Files…a world that feels like it’s becoming more and more of a reality as the years tick by…

Make 2017 Great Sale: Week 2

In my hopes to brighten up the prospects for 2017, I’m putting all my books on sale, one at a time, for a week at a time.  And this week’s book is my second release, the book I get the most requests about sequels on, The Agora Files.

That’s right, for the next seven days you can get yourself a copy of this fast-paced action/adventure dystopian young adult novel for a mere 99 cents!

As with last week, I want to spend some time this week talking about the history and future of this book/series.

But for today, I just want to take a second to talk about how much I absolutely love writing about the adventures of Cyrus Rhodes, Eve Gardner, and The Geek.

Because, honestly, outside of writing about zombies (which we’ll get into next week when we start talking about Daddy of the Dead), these books are some of the most intense writing I’ve ever done.  The first book was written in just 30 days, because I was just so deeply invested in what was going on.  I had a difficult time stopping writing each time I got into it.

That’s also one of the main reasons the series hasn’t yet been completed, because these books are absolutely exhausting to put together.  I would tend to feel like I had run a marathon after each and every writing session for both released books in the series, and I still can’t re-read them without getting a little winded.

That being said, I’m really eager to get the final book in this series released, intended on being later this year.  I’ve got a large portion of the final book plotted out and ready to go, I just have to sit down and  get the darned thing written.

So, if you’re ready to sink your teeth into a book so wild and outrageous and filled with as many conspiracy theories as I could find, I’d highly suggest picking up a copy of this book today.

The only thing people have said bad about it so far is that the book had to end.


The Future of Buddy Hero

You’ve still got a few days left to pick up The Legend of Buddy Hero for the low low price of 99 cents.  Monday’s the final day.  But why wait?  This weekend is sure to be a cold one where you’ll want to just hunker down inside, wrap yourself in a blanket, and keep your eyes glued to your favorite ereader.

But since I promised all sorts of DVD-style extras this week to celebrate the sale, today I’d like to focus on the future of Buddy Hero and the Defenders Saga series.

You see, I’ve got so many stories I want to tell about this world that Buddy and his cohorts live in.

For those of you who have read  the sequel, The Rise of the Fat Mogul, you’ll be well aware that the series has left off in a rather weird spot.  One of the Defenders has been drastically changed, we’ve learned something entirely new about the Fat Mogul himself, we’ve gained something which could give all the answers Buddy has been looking for, and…well…it looks like our old chum Kid Zero could be in a lot of trouble for things that happened while he was out in space.

The end of that book definitely leads into quite a few of the stories left to tell in Sun City and beyond.  But there’s a ton more.

And one of the characters I’m really excited to get to focus on further is Kid Zero himself.

Sure, on the surface, he appears to be nothing more than a rip off of Adam West’s Batman, but as is easy to see by the end of Rise of the Fat Mogul, there’s a lot more going on there.  As I was developing this character, I quickly came to the realization that he might actually be one of the most tragic figures in literature ever.  Not that it’s been made all that obvious yet.

Zero Hamilton has quite the history.  Simply looking at how, to him, the world changed from loving him to not even knowing he existed overnight, well, you can see that things just don’t feel awesome for this giant of a man.

I’m also a big fan of how his powers are powers of the mind, yet he allows himself to be such a simpleton.  This juxtaposition of mind and brawn amuses me to no end.

And it is for these and many more reasons that Kid Zero is easily my favorite character in the Defenders world, even if he’s one of the few characters in the books which is not, in any way, based on myself.

In short, what can you expect from the future of Buddy?  Diving deeper into the world and mind of Kid Zero.  But at the same time,  I can’t wait to give you more insight into the background of all the rest of the Defenders, old and new.

Although this series may be, on the surface, a satire of the golden age of comics, it’s really a story about characters.  Characters that I can’t wait to give you more of.

Have fun out there!

The First Adventure of Buddy Hero

The Legend of Buddy Hero is the book of the week here at and that means you can currently snatch it up for a mere 99 cents at

It also means that I’m giving you some deeper insight into the background of my debut novel.

And as I promised yesterday, I’m sharing the absolute first thing I ever wrote about this character. 

Quick disclaimer – I was mighty green at writing at this point and I’m doing nearly no editing to the piece before putting it up here (outside of some formatting issues and obvious typos and whatnot).  Believe me…it was really difficult not to do a complete edit on this piece…but that wouldn’t really give you the full behind the scenes look, now would it?

“Today was yet another example of spectacular theatrics on the part of the Defense League as they once again saved the world from definite destruction,” I hear coming from the TV set over the bar. Tracy LaLane, horrendously reading from the teleprompter, seems to be taunting me from the flickering screen, going on and on about the glorious Defense League and their heroic efforts.  I find myself wanting to tear out my eyes as she continues while showing the images of this team of flamboyantly dressed freaks going about their business of saving the world.

“The threat du jour came from yet another meteor aligning with the earth’s orbit.  As always, our saviors at the Defense League were quick to act as the danger became apparent.  Colonel Courageous, ever the face of the team, held a press conference this afternoon to outline their efforts.”

The screen changes to an image of the Colonel standing in front of City Hall, surrounded by his entourage of costumed crusaders.  The frame seems to have been perfectly aligned so that it looks like the statue of Lady Justice is watching over him.  It is possible he was allowed to set up the camera angle himself?  I suppose they’ve got a pretty good PR set up over there. . . If only the world knew how Lady Justice really would view him if she was not just a statue looking down upon him.

“People of the city of Ikon,” Courageous begins, ever the one for putting on a show, “and of the rest of the world, today is yet another day that shall be entered into the history books.”

I mean seriously, the balls on this guy.  You’d think someone would be able to see through his crap, right?

“As you’re all by now aware, the planet earth was threatened again today by a giant asteroid that threatened to destroy all life on our wondrous soil. I am here to tell you that this threat has been contained.  After conferring with several of the world’s top cosmologists, it has now become understood that this will not be the last of this kind of threat upon our lives.  Although the cause of this recent continuing threat has not yet been determined, you can be certain that the Defense League will not rest until our children can feel safe.  For this reason, twelve of the League’s 15 members are being deployed into the depths of space to research the cause and the extent of this disturbance in our solar system.”

Yeah, there you go, twelve of you need to go out and check out how many big rocks are plummeting towards Earth.  I’m sure there’s nothing in it for them either.  I mean seriously, twelve?  I can’t imagine which of the three are the chumps who are going stuck behind with the rest of us. . .

Because of the obvious repercussions that will occur due to so many of the Defense League gone at one time, we are calling upon the hard-working police officers and emergency personnel to carry on in our stead.  These diligent men and women have always been the backbone to the legacy of keeping our nation safe, and I can’t imagine any better hands to leave you in.  However, the true key to our nation’s safety lies within you, the common people.  With such a tragedy on hand, I know that we can work together and feel safe.”

Jeez, now he just sounds like a parent leaving the kids with a babysitter.  How much more cocky can this guy get?  He might as well just tell us that if we’re bad while he’s gone we’re going to be grounded. Hell, I wouldn’t put it past him if he did ground us.  How the hell did this guy ever become the Icon of Ikon?

“Now, although I know it is standard procedure to answer questions after such an announcement as this, however, it is important that our operation begins immediately.  So, with that, I leave the world in your hands, good people of Earth.  Take care!”

And then in perfect unison, they all fly away.  I wonder how long they worked on that to get the image perfect?  It definitely comes off as quite the sight.  Maybe they have some sort of hand signal or something.

“Hey, BH, whatcha think about that, huh?  All yer pals jest up and left ya.” Carl, the bartender, sounds like he started smoking while he was hanging out in his mother’s womb.  All the same, he knows how to make a drink strong, and usually keeps from talking about the superhero stuff.

“Carl, come on, you know I don’t go by that name anymore.”

“Sorry, Buddy, you knows it’s alls cuz I tinks youse the best and all though, right?”

“Forget about it.”

“Fergottin’.  So’s, whatcha tinks about all dis, though?  Youse tinks they gonna find somethin’ out der in da outers spaces and whatnot?”

“I think it’s just another example of those freaks trying to lord it all over us common folks, trying to make us believe we couldn’t get by without them, you know? How do we know any of this is even real?”

“I dunno, Buddy, dat’s why I was axin’ you.  I thought dat maybes you might-”

“That’s not my life anymore, Carl.  Can we talk about somethig else?”

“Sure ting, Buddy, what youse wanna talk about?”

“How about another glass of whiskey?”

The idea for this scene, although it was never completed, was that a monster would fall from the sky and land just outside the bar.  This would happen in several places all over the city, and seeing as the big name heroes had all left (for reasons we would have later found out were just because they were going to go party or some sort of ill-conceived conspiracy theory I don’t remember anymore), it was left to Buddy and the C-Squad superheroes to save the day.

Which Buddy, of course, would do reluctantly….and drunk.

It’s rough, and nothing really happens, but this was the original concept that led me to actually coming up with the full story of The Legend of Buddy Hero.

How Buddy Hero Came to Be

For the first week of my ‘Make 2017 Great’ sale, I’m focusing on the book which started it all, The Legend of Buddy Hero.

It’s on sale right now, right this very second, right as you’re reading this.  So get yourself out there and pick up a copy for a mere 99 cents.  You’ll be glad you did!

Now, I’ve talked a lot about this book over the years.  A whole lot.  I’m proud of it.  Damned proud.

But the truth of the matter is that the only reason it came about at all is because of how I felt that I completely and utterly failed in my attempts at an entirely different form of art.

But I’ve talked about my failures in film before.  I’ve even talked about how my supportive wife told me time and again how I should turn my focus to writing a book.  And I’ve even talked about how arduous of a task putting together the first draft was.

But what I haven’t ever talked about before is how Buddy Hero existed before I decided to write a book about him.

And it all started with a silly username I gave myself, SuperOstah.

Since I was/am a fan of Superman and the general pronunciation of my name by friends at the time ended with an ‘Ah’ instead of an ‘Er’, it seemed a silly enough choice for a username.

And then I began mentally crafting a back story for him.

And then I came across a website for an upcoming MMORPG called City of Heroes.  I got fairly excited about the game, although I wouldn’t end up actually playing it until several years later (but I’ll get into that later) so I ended up spending a lot of time hanging around the forums, you know, the place where people would talk about the upcoming game and get excited about it’s development.

And then I came across the section of the forums dedicated to role playing.  To put it briefly, the idea here was that you would create a character and insert it into an on-going story, where each user would use their character to write the next part of the story.

This, right here, folks, is where I realized that I really liked writing.

And it’s also where I ended up developing a large portion of the backstory for the character which would become Kid Zero.

Soon, the beta for the game was released and I was invited to play.  I did get in a few minutes, but life got busy at approximately the same time, and so I dropped away from both the game and the site.

But I had gotten this itch.  And this character was stuck in my head.

The following years I would write little short stories and such about the character and began including other characters along with it.  Very little from those stories actually made it through the many iterations of the concept to the final phase.

And then finally, a few years later, I came across a casting call for a reality TV show called something along the lines of “Who Wants to Be a Superhero?”.  It was, at the time, being produced by MTV, Stan Lee was attached, and I was really into acting at the time, so it seemed like a perfect opportunity for me.  So, I wrote a little piece to put together for an audition video and began getting all the documents together, and then realized that I would be giving away the usage of the name SuperOstah if I signed up for this thing.  Since I had been using the name SuperOstah for this character I had been writing so many stories about, I was concerned about the idea of giving away the usage of that name, and decided I needed to come up with something new.  Something kinda cool, but ultimately too stupid for me to ever want to use for anything I would write.

The name I came up with was Kid Zero.

Shortly thereafter, I realized I really liked the name Kid Zero and he became the new version of SuperOstah, seeing as I realized that although it might be a fair username, it was a terrible character name.

Both SuperOstah and Kid Zero, at this point, actually shared a lot of similarities with the Kid Zero you’ll find in the books today, but were still worlds different from the homage to Golden Age superheroes you’ll find in the character today.

Around this same time, buddy of mine told me about a video game he had been playing and how he had an extra disc and how I should try it out.

The game was, of course, City of Heroes.

This time around, I actually got to playing quite a bit.  So much, in fact, that I created several characters.  At one point, I wanted to test something which could have terrible results if done to a character I was actually using, so I created a test character just for the purposes of doing one thing and then dumping him.  I dressed him in an incredibly obnoxious bright green outfit and called him by the first two words which popped in my head.  Buddy Hero.

It wasn’t too long after I stopped playing that game (mostly because of being busy, but also because games like that get way too repetitive way too quickly) when I began trying to write some stories again.  And I came up with this idea of a washed up superhero.  A guy who used to be the greatest, but now just drank his life away at a bar.  The superhero version of Raging Bull.

And who came to mind, but Buddy Hero himself.

This right here, folks, is where the actual start of The Legend of Buddy Hero began.

So, I wrote a little story, never even fully completed, to encapsulate this idea I had come up with.  And it just so happens that I still have that story.

And I’m going to share it with you tomorrow.

But for today, why don’t you pick up a copy of what that story became.  I promise you’ll love it!

Have fun out there!

The ‘Make 2017 Great’ Sale!

It’s been fairly well accepted that 2016 was a terrible year.  Between the loss of dozens of beloved iconic personalities, Brexit, the US presidential election, and a list of things I just don’t feel like taking the time to complete, it was pretty darn bad.

On a personal level, there were more than enough struggles happening which led to a year of very little writing and absolutely no book releases and a whole lot of other things I just don’t want to get into in this forum.

But I aim to make 2017 great.  Sure, we’ve got a new president who I’m really not a ‘yuge’ fan of (to say the extremely very little least)and a political arena that is, quite frankly, absolutely hostile and terrifying  at the moment.  Really, I could list off plenty of things to show how this year is not proving to be an improvement on the last.

But I aim to change all that.  Today, right now, as you’re reading this, I’m starting my first day at my new job, working from home once again, and I’m feeling mighty darn positive about my personal 2017 while also feeling that I need to help make sure that everyone else’s 2017 is just as great.

So, I’m doing a sale.  (Yeah, I know, cheap versions of my books hardly compensate for much…but it’s a start…maybe?)

But not just your old regular push a button on a website and things are all cheaper type of sale.  No, I’m want to have a bit more fun than that.

You see, although I haven’t done a lot of writing over the past year, I have taken the opportunity to go through my already released novels and put a hefty helping of polish on them, making them shimmer like never before.

In fact, I’m so absolutely proud of these new editions of the books that I’m putting each and every one of them on sale.

But, instead of just putting them all out there in a big lump, each week for the next six weeks, one of my books will be on sale and get some extra special focus here on the site.  That means I’ll  talk a bit about the inspiration behind the books, a bit about how the books morphed from the initial concept to the final version, and, most importantly, a bit about how the stories might continue past the final page.

And for that entire week, the book of the week will be on sale for the low low price of 99 cents!

Because I’m happy, I’m feeling good, and I’m ready to give you a reason to enjoy 2017 as much as I intend to.

Stay tuned later to learn about this week’s book of the week!

Have fun out there!

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